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Protecting Homes from Wild Animals for Over 60 Years

If you're dealing with a wildlife infestation, chances are you want it resolved as safely and humanely as possible. Clancy Brothers Pest Control is here to help! Our Massachusetts Certified PAC (Problem Animal Control) Agents humanely capture and remove a wide variety of wild animals -- squirrels, opossums, raccoons, skunks, bats, gophers, woodchucks, and more. Our wildlife removal in Boston includes everything from animal control to animal exclusion and even odor removal!


Wildlife Trapping Services in Boston and South Shore

Exterminator from Clancy Bros Pest Control using a baiting and trapping system for wildlife removal in Boston.

Here at Clancy Brothers Pest Control, our trapping programs for wild animals generally take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending upon weather conditions and several other factors. Our wildlife experts will provide preventative maintenance recommendations to help you achieve long-term control of these problematic animals. Our wildlife trapping and removal services Include:

  • Removal of birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and more
  • Inspection and assessment
  • Setting have-a-heart traps
  • Catching and removing target animals daily
  • Sealing entry points to prevent re-entry
  • Guarantees are provided at the completion of trapping

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Squirrel Control in Boston

Squirrels are most active at dusk and dawn during the spring, summer, and autumn, but are only active around noon during the winter. They construct nests from leaves or use natural cavities for shelter and prefer to live in areas with an abundance of nuts, berries, fruits, flowers or grains. Squirrels will typically enter homes through gutter lines, holes or gaps around dormers, and un-capped chimneys.

During our inspection, we will identify the entry points and set traps and/or one-way doors to catch and remove the entire nest. Trapping normally takes 1-2 weeks to catch and we remove 3-5 squirrels on average. After trapping, we will inspect your home and seal any entry points to prevent any future nesting. Warranties are provided if all holes are easily accessible with a 40 ft. ladder and covered by our scope of services, please call for more information.

How to Prevent Squirrels in Boston

  • Trim all tree branches back at least 6-8 feet from your home
  • Remove any bird feeders
  • Remove any standing water sources
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on garbage containers


Raccoon Control in Boston

Raccoons are opportunistic feeders that feed on berries, frogs, seafood, birds, eggs, and trash in urban environments.  In homes, nests are typically found in chimneys, sheds, garages, wall voids, and attics. Raccoons are active at dawn and dusk and are nocturnal but may be active during the day if food is available.  They do not hibernate but may be inactive for long periods during the winter. Raccoons have been found to carry rabies, roundworm, and even canine distemper.

We set cages to humanely capture and remove raccoons from your property. Our services include daily animal trapping and removal. After trapping is completed, we seal any assessable entry holes to prevent re-entry. Our expert technicians will provide preventative maintenance recommendations to help you achieve long-term control of these problematic pests. Learn more about how to keep raccoons away from your home

Bird Control & Nest Removal Services in Boston

Large populations of roosting birds may present risks of diseases and parasites to people nearby. When birds leave nests within buildings, parasites can move inside to bite or infest people. Serious health risks can arise from the buildup of droppings where harmful organisms can thrive. These droppings are unsightly and can cause serious damage to structures over time. Bird droppings found in supermarkets, food processing plants, restaurants, breweries may even result in legal action, fines or closures.

Bird Barrier Certified Installer

Here are the bird control services we can offer to you:

  • Inspection and assessment of your bird situation.
  • Live removal (if possible).
  • Installing of bird spike, bird wire, bird netting or any other bird proofing deterrents necessary.
  • Bird nest removal and cleanouts.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting any nesting sites.

Common Birds in Our Service Area include: Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows and Seagulls

Pigeons Prevention and Nest Removal

Pigeons typically nest along window ledges, roofs, eaves, steeples, under bridges and other structures. Pigeons will scavenge and feed on a wide variety of food sources including trash, garbage, seeds, and insects. Pigeon deterrents will be installed to prevent roosting or nesting in any areas that are problematic.

Starlings and Sparrows

Starlings and sparrows are the most common birds to infest vents and other small holes or gaps in homes.  We remove their nesting materials, disinfect the area and seal of the entry points. These birds also present challenges for business owners when they infest their property or set up nests in warehouses, schools, grocery stores, breweries, and other areas with loading docks that are frequently used allowing birds to nest inside and time the opening of the doors to leave and obtain food and water sources. We have sparrow traps and other deterrents for these situations.


Seagulls are typically encountered on commercial building rooftops near major bodies of water. Seagulls are extremely aggressive when people come near their nesting locations when they have their young. There are a variety of deterrents that can be installed to prevent seagull nesting.

Whether you are dealing with pigeons, seagulls, starlings, or sparrows, we use a variety of different tools and products to repel them from your home or business.

Learn More About Our Advanced Bird Control Technology

Check out the methods that we use to protect you and your family from the health risks that originate from birds. These methods are easy to apply and each one is harmless to the birds but effective.

Bat Control & Removal in Boston

In most cases, bats enter your home through vents, screens, open doors/windows or gaps along the roof or gutter lines. Therefore, a thorough inspection must be performed to provide an estimate for bat exclusion. Bat exclusion programs are guaranteed for one year.

Bats may enter your home in the middle of the night through open windows/doors and exclusion is not necessary. In these cases, we have a technician on call to remove the bat the same night. When you see a bat in your home, try to enclose it in a room and place a towel under the door until it can be removed from the premises safely.

In rare cases, you may be dealing with a colony of bats. Evidence of a bat colony includes several bat sightings, evidence of bat droppings around nesting areas or entryways into the home, and even clicking noises. Bat colonies can only be dealt with only during May and Mid-August – October because of bat breeding season over the Spring/Summer and hibernation over the Winter. This prevents young bats from being left behind without a way out of your home.  If you suspect you may have a colony in your home, please schedule an inspection today for a professional assessment.


Areas We Provide Wildlife Control

Clancy Brothers Pest Control is proud to service the Greater Boston Area with a number of pest control services. When it comes to ant control, these are some of the areas where we have professionals to help:

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