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Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package

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About Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package

Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package Protects Your Home From: Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Ticks

Your Complete Mosquito Prevention Package

When it comes to mosquito control in Boston, Clancy Brothers Pest Control offers more than just a simple extermination process. To get results that last, you need professional experience, the best products, and knowledge. With Clancy Brothers Pest Control, you’ll get all that and more. Our mosquito control services in Boston are backed by over 60 years of experience as a family-owned pest management business. We’re locals, and we love providing our community personalized service based on their unique needs.

Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package Features:

60+ Years of Experience
Family Owned & Operated
Saturday Service Offered
Same-Day Service Offered
Money Back Guarantee

Your Pest Concerns

Helpful information detailing your pest concerns and the best pest control methods.

We have the right plan

For Your Family and Home

Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package

Starting at $45/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

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Year-round protection for your family & home

Mosquitoes Eliminated
Saturday Services
Flexible Scheduling

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Same Day Service

Don't want recurring services? Sign up for our one-time mosquito control treatments today!

If you are not interested in purchasing a recurring pest control program for long-term relief, Clancy Brothers Pest Control is happy to provide one-time services as well.


Weymouth, MA

Great service, super easy to deal with and friendly staff. They're what I call a trifecta; great service, customer support, and price! I would happily recommend them, they are just a great company to work with.

How Does Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package treatment work?

Our Mosquito Prevention program eliminates and protects you and your family from disease-causing mosquito bites. Starting at just $45/month, we will provide recurring services to ensure mosquitoes don’t return. Here’s what you’ll receive:

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Initial Inspection
During the initial visit to your home, our exterminators will carefully inspect your home’s interior and exterior, identifying common breeding places for mosquitoes.
Initial Mosquito Treatments
We will treat your home as necessary to eliminate all existing infestations. Once we clear the mosquito infestation, our exterminators will create a preventative barrier around your home with strategic treatments throughout the year.
Continued Targeted Treatments
Our mosquito control services focus on reducing the current population of mosquitoes through strategic treatments. By treating the places in your yard where mosquitoes tend to breed, we defeat them at the source.

Learn More About Mosquito and Tick Prevention Package

60+ Years of Effective Mosquito Control

Clancy Brothers Pest Control offers you the Mosquito Prevention package in Boston that is backed by over 60 years of experience as a family-owned pest management business. Our package starts at $45/month but if you are not interested in purchasing a recurring program, we offer first one-time service up to a ½ acre starting at $250. We will find breeding places of mosquitoes in your yard, treat them and thereby protect your family from dangerous diseases they bring. 

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Eco-Friendly Treatment Options

Dealing with pesticides in sensitive areas with children and pets can sometimes be problematic and in situations like these, it is always preferable to use less harmful products that can still get the job done. Our pest control services are designed to keep your family's safety in mind, so we always use the best environmentally friendly treatment options whenever possible to preserve your peace of mind. Pests have already caused you enough stress. Don’t let the solution cause you even more worry.

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Same Day and Saturday Servicing Offered

Mosquitoes don’t keep a Monday-Friday schedule, so neither does our team. We know your life is busy, and you don’t want to waste time playing phone tag or taking time out of your workweek to deal with mosquito problems. When you work with us, you’ll have the comfort of knowing we’ll work around your schedule to provide you with the best services in Boston when you need them.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve been providing mosquito control services in Boston for a long time, and over that time we’ve learned what it takes to eliminate mosquito problems from the root. We know our services work—in fact, we guarantee it. When you partner with us for Mosquito Control, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that if your mosquito problems don’t stop, we’ll follow up and set things right. It’s that simple.

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Our Guarantee

If, in the unlikely event your pests return, we will re-service your home. We guarantee it.

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