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We'll Help You Get Rid of Your Roach Problem For Good

Did you know that roaches can lay egg sacs that can contain up to 50 roaches per egg sac and hatch within a few weeks? Infestations can get out of control quickly if left untreated. Don't let yours get out of hand. Let Clancy Brothers Pest Control help with our professional cockroach control!

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Cockroach Control in Boston

Exterminator from Clancy Bros Pest Control spraying the interior stairwell of a home for cockroaches.

The most common cockroaches in our area include: American Roaches, Brownbanded Roaches, German Roaches and Oriental Roaches. 

Signs of a Cockroach

Roaches are typically found in the kitchen and bathroom areas; but in some severe cases, they be found in the bedrooms and other living areas too. Roach droppings can be found around electronics, on the walls, cabinets, floors and appliances. They are black or brown in color and have a speckled or coffee grind like appearance.

Get Professional Cockroach Treatment Today

Dealing with a cockroach infestation that just won't budge? DIY treatments are often ineffective because they don't get to the root of the problem. If you see one or two roaches in your home, chances are there are more in the walls. Partner with the professional roach exterminators at Clancy Brothers Pest Control and we'll solve your roach problem once and for all.


How We Get Rid of Roaches

Proper sanitation is key to eliminating roach infestations. Here at Clancy Brothers Pest Control, our basic roach treatment procedure consists of either spraying the cabinets and baseboards or baiting the areas of activity inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We recommend spraying in situations with heavy infestations, but the tenant must prepare the home before treatment. See prep sheet below for more information on how to prepare your house to get treated!

Preparation Sheet for Roach Treatment

Please clean the home prior to the pest control visit, this will help eliminate any competing food sources and provide a better product application.

  • Remove everything from the cabinets and countertops: dishes, food, and other small items or appliances. Cover and store all items in another room if possible.
  • Clean all floors with a cleaner and vacuum any carpeted floors and rugs.
  • Always keep garbage in closed containers and take out the garbage every night.
  • All dishes should be cleaned at the end of each day.
  • Remove all items on the top of the stove and refrigerator and the surrounding areas around them.
  • There should be a clear path of access for the exterminator to inspect and treat any areas where pests have been seen.
  • Any harborage areas (stored items) should be removed from the areas to be sprayed before treatment to eliminate any areas for the pests hide and to allow enough space for the exterminator to safely perform the treatment.
  • Please let us know if anyone in the home has any special allergy problems, is pregnant, or is under the age of one because additional precautions may need to be taken.
  • All people and pets must leave the home before the treatment starts and remain out of the home for at least 4 hours after the treatment is completed.

Download the Preparation Sheet PDF

Areas We Provide Cockroach Control

Clancy Brothers Pest Control is proud to service the Boston area with a number of pest control services. When it comes to cockroach control, these are some of the areas where we have professionals to help:

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