How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your Home

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When it comes to home-invading rodents, mice and rats get all of the attention, but you can’t forget about squirrels. Squirrels are just as likely to get into your home as any other rodent and can cause many of the same issues when they do. To help you out, we’ve put together a bit of critical information about how to keep squirrels away from your home and what to do when they get in. 

What Types of Squirrels Are Common in New England?

New England is home to many different species of squirrel in varying levels of rarity. While plenty can be found in the woods, only a few typically enter people’s homes. The three species that you’re most likely to encounter are as follows

  • Eastern Grey Squirrel: These medium-sized tree-dwelling squirrels are some of the most common across all of New England. When you think of a squirrel, the Eastern Grey is probably what you’re picturing. They use leaf nests in the wild, making your home’s insulation a popular nesting place when they enter your home. 
  • Red Squirrel: Smaller than their grey cousins, red squirrels favor both leaf and rock nests. This means that in addition to nesting in your attic, they can also set up residence in your yard. Red squirrels are also more common in suburban and rural areas than Grey Squirrels. 
  • Northern Flying Squirrel: These nocturnal gliding rodents prefer heavily wooded environments but can come indoors as the weather cools. While they are uncoordinated while walking, they’re elegant and proficient gliders which can make effective removal difficult. 

Why Are Squirrels Attracted to Your Attic?

When squirrels invade your home, they’re most likely to set up in your attic. This is because the additional insulation in attics provides both warmth and security, mimicking a squirrel’s nest as found in nature. All of this plus the added benefit of free, readily-available food and no predators makes your attic an ideal environment for squirrels and other rodents. Pregnant squirrels are particularly prone to entering your home as it provides a safe environment in which to have their young. 

What is The Best Way to Repel Squirrels?

While DIY squirrel removal isn’t something we recommend, there are plenty of steps you can take to dissuade them from coming inside. These usually require common, readily available household items and can be made cheaply. A few of our favorites include: 

  • Chili Pepper Solution: A blend of water, onions, and chili peppers or hot sauce can be a remarkably effective squirrel repellent. Boiled for 30 minutes and strained, this concoction can be sprayed on or applied to any areas you want squirrels to avoid, inside or out. 
  • Mothballs: Strategically placed mothballs around your garden can encourage squirrels to go elsewhere. Just be extra careful to keep these away from pets and children as they can be dangerous when ingested. 
  • Squirrel Repelling Plants: Squirrels don’t like strong smells so planting strongly scented herbs in your garden or placing them around openings in your home can be an effective means of squirrel exclusion. We’ve seen particular success with peppermint. 

Who Can Remove Squirrels From an Attic?

Squirrel removal is best left to a trained professional. While squirrels themselves aren’t dangerous, they can bite if threatened, and in addition to being painful, squirrel bites can easily become infected. Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites like fleas, ticks, Rabies, Typhus, and even Plague as well. This is why we strongly recommend enlisting an expert to get rid of squirrels from your attic. 

Squirrel Control from Clancy Bros. 

At Clancy Brothers Pest Control, we provide New England’s most effective squirrel control. We get rid of squirrels in your home and treat the area around your home, making it unappealing to them in the process. As a part of our top-of-the-line wildlife control service, you’ll receive help from an expertly trained professional using humane, effective methods. So if you suspect that your attic is hosting a family of squirrels, let us know and we’ll handle the rest!

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