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Six Simple Ways To Help Prevent Termites

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In New England, subterranean termites are the termites most commonly found invading homes and causing the most damage. Termites need food moisture and warmth to survive and breed. The most commonly make their way into your home through its foundation. There is a lot a homeowner can do to prevent a termite infestation. Below are seven simple tips homeowners can use to help prevent a termite infestation.

Keep mulch away from the foundation

For most New England landscapes homeowners use mulch. Mulch has an ingredient called cellulose that attracts termites. In addition, mulch has the ability to retain moisture which is exactly what termites need to live and breed. There are certain types of mulches that contain resins that defend against termites. These mulches are made from cypress and cedar, although the resins do fade after time. The best practice is If using mulch make sure:

  • It is at least 15 inches from your foundation.
  • It's not near any vents.
  • All mulch beds should only be two to three inches deep.

Stack firewood off the ground

Earth to wood is probably the most common area for termite infestation. These critters absolutely love softwood. Firewood provides the perfect living and breeding conditions for termites. Store your firewood at least 20 feet from your home to help prevent infestation. Also, a good tip is to not store firewood directly on the ground. Keep it a few inches off the ground so you don’t create another breeding area.

Trim trees and bushes

Overgrown tree limbs and bushes block the sunlight which creates moisture build-up and in turn that moisture attracts termites.

Fix leaky pipes and drains

Wet environments are a breeding ground for termites. Inside your home, fix any leaky pipes and any malfunctioning air conditioner condensation lines that may be dripping. Outside, make sure there is no standing water around the house, either around the foundation of your house or on your roof. Another tip for outside – make sure to divert water away from your home by using downspouts. This will help to prevent any standing water near your foundation.

Seal all the cracks and crevices

Termites are able to enter your home through any small crack, crevice, or joint. Make sure to seal all of those areas to prevent termites from entering. Sealing will also prevent any moisture from getting into your home. Applying a fresh coat of paint can seal small crevices in the wood and wood shingles. Also, another easy fix is to install bug screens over attic vents to prevent entry.

Ventilate properly

Another way to help prevent termite invasion is to properly ventilate crawls space, basements, and attics. Without proper ventilation, these areas can become damp and moist. Termites thrive in areas that have moisture as they need a water source to survive. Also, make sure to throw away any extra building materials that may be stored in that area.

Get professional termite treatment

After taking all the steps you can to prevent an infestation of your home the next wise step is to reach out to a professional termite exterminator. A pest control professional can confirm that have taken all the proper steps to prevent an infestation. They can take it to the next step to eliminate any other potential problems. Contact Clancy Brothers today at 617-464-1305 and see how you can get started on your way to a termite-free home.

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