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A Change of Season Brings Pests


Spring cleaning and home maintenance might not be what you want to do to celebrate the coming of spring, but using a few of these helpful tips and calling a professional pest control expert can help you avoid pests and to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Here are a few tips on how to tackle that spring cleaning in different areas of your home.


Most pests are after food, so start your deep spring cleaning by heading to your pantry. Go through your cabinets and getting rid of any old open boxes of food. Open boxes of food could attract ants, meal moths, beetles, or roaches. Also, make sure to store all food that is open in containers with tight-fitting lids.

Spills and built-up grease attract insects. It is time to move the refrigerator and stove and time to clean the area around the sink where food and other drippings might be hiding.

Finally, the dreaded spider. Spiders feed off of flying insects like mosquitos and fruit flies. One breeds the other. Make sure to get rid of fruit that is on your counter that may be getting old and attracting these pests.

Storage Areas

Termites and other insects thrive in moisture. Spring is a great time to check your crawl spaces for excessive moisture. Using a dehumidifier can keep the areas dry and help keep the pests away. In your storage spaces, closets, and attics you have all of those old paper storage boxes and stacks of paper are piling up. It is time for them to go! Pests love these items and will make a home out of them. Make sure unused items are properly stored in plastic bins so that they are protested from pests.

Living Areas

Clean your furniture as well. Food bits and crumbs that have found their way into carpets and furniture create a food source for pests. Also, clean your box spring and mattress to prevent bed bugs.


To help get the outside of your home ready for spring and free of pests with a few simple steps.

  • Fix those torn screens in your windows. This will help pests from getting into your walls and in your home. Once in the walls, they can also attract woodpeckers.
  • Everyone loves the look of mulch, but pests thrive in mulch because it is warm and moist. If using mulch keep it away from the perimeter of your home. And keep it a thin layer. The more mulch the more suitable conditions for them to thrive.
  • Look for cracks in your foundation. These cracks seem very unimportant but they provide an access point for pests and insects into your living space. Mold can also grow if moisture seeps through the cracks. Mold and water it is what many pests feed on. Call a professional pest management service for help to seal these and prevent ant invasion!
  • Get rid of standing water around the exterior of your home. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and many other pests. The best time to check for standing water is following rain. This includes checking your gutters. Gutters field with debris can hold water and create a home for pests.
  • Cut back tree branches and bushes. These all need to be kept away from your home. Insects live in these areas and a branch touching the side of your home or overhanging your roof can provide them entry into your home.

Taking these simple steps during your annual spring cleaning can help prevent pests from invading your home, but the best way is to have a pest control professional come in to inspect and help create a plan to elevate any problems.

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